Guava & Rosewater Bottings Fruit Puree


Wholesale: 6 x Bottings Bottles / case. 800ml / Bottle

Ingredients: Fruit, water, sugar, citrus juice, botanicals, herbs, spices, sodium benzoate

Bottings Purees made from fresh botanical fruits year round fruity-ness to every section of your menu and bar. Giving tired dishes a lift, giving customers a reason to buy that dessert, or order the extra sauces!

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Cost saving solutions that turn profits via happier customers, returning more often, spending more.


My Afrikaans father’s relish for guava and custard inspired this blend. The rose-water here balances the beautiful pink of the guava fruit. Rose is used in North African cuisine to great effect which along with orange gives a lovely depth of flavour. This works superbly with a Tagine dish because they use a lot of rosewater and orange. I’m known for my guava rosewater cosmopolitan because of the Cointreau and the orange notes. I would add vanilla vodka to elevate it even more. Guavas have a kind of a gummy natural thickening agent which has a binding advantage in giving this purée its body. We cook them at their optimum ripeness and remove most of the seeds to make it less grainy


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