Blueberry, Apple & Cinnamon


Ingredients: Fruit, water, sugar, citrus juice, botanicals, herbs, spices, sodium benzoate


My love of pinotage wine that has blueberry nuiances on the nose was the inspiration for this one. Along with fond memories of hunting trips on the family farm in Kenhardt, near Upington in the Northern cape as a young man. Were the freshly butchered hunt would be processed down into varies portions and stored. The heart, liver and kidneys cooked and eaten for lunch, as the hunters honour and respect for the day, while the bones were made into a rich stock, on my oumas old woodfire stove and oven. The loins been hung for three days, would then we panfied and served with a delicious sauce. I know days, add the Blueberry, apple and cinnamon puree, along with pinotage and stock to make a luxurious sauce, that truly highlights South Africas heritage, through farm to table food and drink.


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