Guy Husselman's Botting's suite of products for the Hospitality & Restaurant Trade available to order online for wholesale soon.


A suite of 4-in-1 Turnkey solutions for the Hospitality & Restaurant Industry. 

Across departments in the Food & Beverage sector, Bottings Unique flavors

of naturally infused, locally-made fresh fruit purees and iced tea concentrates empowers you to create signature menu items. Reviving old favorites.

Bottings Purées and Syrups are supremely versatile. The natural fruit colours are a rainbow of delight, and we add subtle natural infusions to bring out the very best of flavours from each fruit we squeeze.

Bottings Purees and Syrups are ideal for cocktails, iced teas, sorbets, salad dressings, pannacottas, smoothies, yoghurts…in fact, wherever fruit is required. Your imagination and Bottings are perfect partners! Bottings fills those needs to perfection, and as fruit alchemists, we never rest: we keep finding interesting new ways to make these fruit flavours work for you.

Nature works in cycles and we work seasonally: our products are always fresh. We are constantly looking at what’s available at the markets, and then developing recipes around the tastiest and highest quality fruit we can acquire.

This means constant innovation: apart from our trusted regular products, there will always be new flavours, new ways of enhancing tried and trusted recipes, and we are always experimenting.


Pineapple & Vanilla; 

Guava & Rosewater; 

Apple & Thai Lime Leaf; 

Mango; Orange & Basil; 

Apple; Lemon; Ginger & Ginseng; 

Passionfruit; Orange and Star-anise; 

Raspberry; Strawberry; 

Peach and Mojito.

Like Nature, we have a wide variety!

Our Iced Tea Concentrates include the very popular Lemon, Rooibos &

Chai flavours, and as with the purées, we are constantly experimenting with delicious new options to enhance our range and your taste-bud delight.
Keep watching this space!


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