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In ancient times, alchemists aimed to purify, mature and perfect Nature’s gifts.

In today’s world, Bottings takes Nature’s finest produce, hand squeezing and blending the juices to perfection!

A suite of 4-in-1 Turnkey solutions for the Hospitality & Restaurant Industry


Across departments in the Food & Beverage sector, Bottings Unique flavors of naturally infused, locally-made fresh fruit purees and iced tea concentrates empowers you to create signature menu items. Reviving old favorites

Barman Rescued by Bottings!

Bottings Select stockists: the hospitality and restaurant industry in Cape Town where you’ll find more and more Bottings moments…

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Bottings Recipes

Bottings Recipes… some collaborations with chefs, home cooks and extraordinary culinary skills from around the world blended with Bottings magic. Some all Guy Husselmann’s creations