Bottings The Fruit Alchemists

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‘We are Fruit Alchemists’

In ancient times, alchemists aimed to purify, mature and perfect Nature’s gifts.

In today’s world, Bottings takes Nature’s finest produce, hand squeezing and blending the juices to perfection!

Explore the Bottings range of 4-in-1turnkey hospitality, hotel and bar solutions for customer loyalty, cost saving and time saving with added benefit of unique signature dishes all yours to design… Order Online for Cape Town Delivery. 

A suite of 4-in-1 Turnkey solutions for the Hospitality & Restaurant Industry


Across departments in the Food & Beverage sector, Bottings Unique flavors of naturally infused, locally-made fresh fruit purees and iced tea concentrates empowers you to create signature menu items. Reviving old favorites

Barman Rescued by Bottings!

Bottings Select stockists: the hospitality and restaurant industry in Cape Town where you’ll find more and more Bottings moments…

As a Thank you to the restaurants, hotels and bars that have supported us...

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